Power of Storytelling in Investor Pitch Deck

As an entrepreneur, I am sure you would have read about the importance of storytelling in your investor presentation and as a part of your pitch deck. This post addresses two aspects of it  – why and how.

Why Storytelling?

  • You can grab the attention of audience immediately.
  • Helps you establish an emotional connect in a situation which otherwise may seem too mechanical.
  • Stories engage the audience better; they open up.
  • Higher recall value. People may forget bullet points, but will remember the stories.

Look at the power of storytelling in the below video:

How to embed storytelling in your video?

Now that you have understood the importance of storytelling in a pitch session / pitch deck, you would be wondering how to go about it. Here are some ideas:

  1. Problem Discovery – How did you discover that there was a problem? The founders of one real estate portal were looking for home without brokers. They could not do it using existing portals, so they decided to build a new one. Founder of UBER had to wait for cab for too long and he decided to change it. Investors would love to hear what is your story. What problem you faced, why you thought it was worth solving and why you think that existing options do not work. Stories around this can be built into pitch deck or narrated during the presentation.
  2. Creation of Tension – Like any story, one needs to create tensions in the mind of listener. Before jumping into solution, you need to help them realize the that it is a big problem that needs to be solved NOW.
  3. Your solution works – You will obviously talk about the solution, but what is more important is the ability to convince investors that your solution works. it can be done by again sharing some customer success stories of how people benefited from your solution.
  4. Team – Investors bet on the drivers more than the bus. Cohesion among the team members is something they are looking for. They want to know how and when the founders met each other; how long they know each other and how long have they worked together. So, this is again an important area to embed some story showing the bonding among founders.


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