3 Hidden Dangers of Going All Digital Too Fast

While going digital will likely help your business in the long run, it is best to do so after making a solid plan for your business. If you make your transition too quickly, it can actually be counterproductive because it can hurt your business. Here are some ways that going all digital too fast can have negative consequences for your company.

Tech That Just Doesn’t Help

Just because something comes in a package that is labeled “technology” does not mean that it can actually have benefits for your business. Sometimes you do not get what you think you are paying for when purchasing technology.  The technology may not work as intended or it might just not the right fit for your needs. Vet technology before you buy it, both in terms of how it will work and how it can help your business grow. If you fail to do your research on new technology, you run the risk of throwing away your money for nothing.

Paperwork Gets Mishandled  

Transitioning to digital means that there is actual paperwork that must be a transition to the virtual realm. This involves handling important documentation. Often businesses will have to depend on data entry technologies such as a text or document parser to get the information into a digital form. There is the risk of some slippage here, meaning that paperwork may not get the proper handling. As a result, important information could be lost. While proper care can reduce this risk, it is definitely something that you should be concerned about.

The Personal Touch is Lost

Sometimes, going all digital might mean losing customer interaction. While manual processes have their cost, the positive byproduct of this is that you can have human interaction with your customers at times. When you move to an all-digital approach, you will have less contact with people since many of your functions will be handled automatically. As you move to a digital environment, you need to take steps to facilitate a positive online experience for your customers. Prioritize UX design on your website and make efforts to connect with people via social media. This way, you can stay in touch with your customers and keep them engaged with your business.  

You should give some serious forethought to the digital transition and to how much you want to change about your business when you are making a transition. It may make sense to either make the changes gradually or at least leave some functions done in a way that allows you to keep in contact with your customers.

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