3 Reasons to Focus on Safety from the Start

As a manager, you realize that you not only have a responsibility to be an asset to your company and bring in profits, but you also owe it to all of your employees to follow safety standards. While you may think it’s just more responsibility added to your plate, the fact is that there are many more reasons to consider safety. The most important reason is to ensure that all of your employees go home safely every night.  Consider these three reasons regarding the importance of following safety protocol to the letter.

Saving Money

A safe workplace can actually lead to a decrease in business expenses. First of all, there is an obvious example of installing a security system, which will lead to a decrease in your insurance premiums. However, that is just the beginning. One of the other things you should strongly emphasize would be to follow all of the OSHA guidelines to the letter. Doing this will definitely help you prevent a costly workmen’s compensation claim. Having a dedicated safety team to advise of potential safety hazards can also be adopted at the beginning of a business that way it’s ingrained in the minds of employees from the start.

Employee Satisfaction

According to a recent Gallup survey, the companies that had scores in the top 25 percent for safety ratings were more likely to have employees that were content and more engaged with their jobs. Moreover, the companies that had poor safety ratings often had more episodes of employee dissatisfaction.

According to RealSafety, a safe workplace promotes feelings of confidence in employees towards their employer and workplace, resulting in improved morale and productivity. Naturally, improved productivity will have the indirect effect of saving the company money as well. Moreover, a good rule of thumb is to start as early as possible when it comes to training in employee safety. The best companies have a system in place where they can even make safety a part of the onboarding process.

Safety Violations Could Result in Business Closure

There are many industries where safety violations could result in a mandated closure of your business. For example, according to Transportation Insurance Advisors, if you are involved in a business that does a lot of driving, too many safety violations could result in you having to submit a letter of corrective action to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. If this letter of corrective action results in an “unsatisfactory” rating, your business will be forced to cease operations entirely if the proper letter is not submitted in the proper format.

There is no question that the commitment to safety has to be of utmost concern for you to appropriately run a business. You need to make sure you have a solid plan for your business. You simply cannot leave anything to chance, so be sure to familiarize yourself with all of the safety standards within your industry today!


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