3 Steps Startups Should Take to Avoid Hiring a Dud

It is estimated that half of all job applicants provide incorrect information on applications and resumes. Additionally, about a third of job applicants provide false information intentionally. This results in many hires for companies that would have otherwise been avoided. While larger businesses can endure these hiring failures, a new startup can be devastated by hiring a dud. Here are three ways a startup business can avoid hiring the wrong employee.

Ask the Correct Questions

The interview process is a great way to determine the worthiness of a job candidate to join your company. However, this will only happen if the candidates are asked the correct questions. The goal of the questions asked should be two-fold: determine the aptitude of a candidate for a specific position and assess how the intangible qualities of the candidate will fit the culture of your company.

It is okay to arm yourself with a predetermined list of questions. However, you should also maintain flexibility during the conversation. Be prepared to follow up on the candidate’s answers to the questions you ask and allow the conversation to flow freely.

Pre-Employment Testing

Pre-employment testing of a candidate’s skills during the hiring process can screen candidates for a variety of skills and abilities that include cognitive function, emotional intelligence, motor skills, and knowledge. The pre-employment process can also include testing for the use of illicit drugs. Testing should be a vital part of your company’s search for viable job candidates. It should also be used to screen out those applicants that are not a good fit for your company.

Check Social Media Pages

The resume of a job applicant is intended to present the academic and professional achievements that demonstrate relevant job qualifications. A quick scan of the social media profiles of applicants will provide you with a more rounded view of who they are as a person. Many people may have an awkward photo or two on their Facebook or other social media profiles. Finding such a photo is not the goal. Instead, you should scan for information that reveals the character of the job candidate.

The Takeaway

The careful selection of employees is a vital component of success for a startup business. Unlike large corporations, each individual hire by a startup business has a dramatic impact on the overall success of the business. The three methods above should be an integral part of your company’s screening process.

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