3 Tips for Building the First Team for Your Business

Growing a team is one of the best parts about having a start-up business. For many business owners, once you have a team, your business feels more legitimate then it did when you were working solo.

Having a team allows you to free up your time and still have a business that runs efficiently and smoothly. Here are three tips for creating a team that works best for your type of business and how you operate as a business owner.

Pick Your Company Culture

Knowing your company’s culture isn’t only for larger businesses. When you know the type of culture that your company has or how the company culture wants to look in the future, you can create a team that is cohesive and able to meet the objectives, sales goals of your business and understands the vision and mission of the company. It is also important to promote a healthy working environment, as this promotes the organization and creativity that you need to be successful.

Knowing your company culture also allows you to understand the type of diversity that you will need within your company to keep it operating smoothly. Different companies take different kinds of people, and your first team will help define your company culture for years to come.

Source: 5S Today

Target Skills

You can use assessment tests to protect you from more than just a bad hire. You can also use them to target the skills you’re seeking from candidates that will help build your business.

Using assessments and skills testing can help you find applicants with hard and soft skills that will blend well with your team. For example, you can test them in their leadership or supervisory abilities, attention to detail, ability to use logic and reasoning and more. This is also an opportunity to assess candidates for skills or characteristics they might have claimed on their resume.

Source: The Hire Talent

You could also conduct testing in the applicant’s ability to learn new and complex procedures which will mean they are able to adapt to an ever expanding work environment. Find people who will take initiative in learning new skills, but also have a skill set that you can use within your company immediately.

Be Prepared for a Revolving Team

When you’re building your first team for your company, it’s not likely that each person you choose is still going to be with you next year.

Be open to the possibility that your team will change as your startup grows. Don’t be afraid of letting people go or inviting new people to your team to keep it running successfully.

Source: Quick Base

Use these tips when selecting your first team members for your startup and you will save yourself the stress of wondering if you’ve made the right choices of who you have brought on to help you in your business.

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