3 Tips for Making a More Engaging Website

If you have decided to start your own website, you likely have grandiose dreams of high web traffic and having an influential voice. The truth is that the effort you put into designing and operating the site will dictate how useful it is to others. Here are some tips for making a great website.

Update Regularly

Visitors will be looking to you for what you have to say. They will only check back on your page so many times for new content before they go elsewhere. The last thing that you want is a stale page that will send visitors off of your page. When you frequently post on your website, you give your visitors something new to look at and a reason to keep coming back. At the very least, search engines will like your site more when there are regular posts, and this will improve your ranking.

Aesthetic is Key

A pleasing design will draw people in when they land on your site. At the same time, a rough design will be a turn-off for many. When it comes to a website, content is king, and how it looks will dictate how many people frequent your site. Plan ahead of time what you want your site to look like and pay close attention to many of the prevailing trends. Most of the popular web design trends of 2019 tend to focus on minimalism and mobile optimization, though there are of course exceptions to this rule. Try not to clutter your website so reading it becomes simple for your visitors.

Interact with Readers

Engaged readers are the ones who will most likely visit your site often. One way to reach people is to talk to them and involve them in the conversation. Consider a commenting feature and then responding to what readers have to say. Visitors will appreciate the opportunity to communicate with the person behind the website and they will feel as if they have a personal stake in the site. The more robust the conversation is, the stronger the buzz will be around your website. The quickest way to drive that is to participate in the conversation.

Designing and starting your own website is an exciting venture that could be lucrative and highly enjoyable if done right. Attack it with a plan from the standpoint of what your readers want to see.

Having a plan for your website is just as important as a plan for the rest of your business. You may already have a business plan right now, but chances are that it could be improved to save you and your company time money and bring in even more business! Check out how Plan Thy Business can help today.

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