3 Tips for Organizing Production in Your New Business

You have a great idea for a product. You have secured funding to get things started. Now all that has to happen is to start production. However, it can be a bumpy journey getting an item from whiteboard to production line. If the production process is not well-planned, you can end up with late orders and unhappy customers. Here are three tips to get production for your new business off the ground smoothly.

Have the Right Tools

Once you get past the prototype stage, you must be able to meet production demand. This means that all the assembly stations need to have the proper equipment in place to get each step done. You also need staff that is trained and ready to handle production. In addition, for a truly smooth process, you need to have the equipment such as conveyor belts that move your product from station to station. A missing piece in any one part of the process will bring the whole thing to a stop.

Take a Takt Time Production Approach

Takt time comes from the German word, taktzeit, which means “a clock interval.” Takt time is the average time necessary to produce a product in order to meet demand. For example, if you need to produce four items per day to meet customer demand, the takt time of production will be two hours assuming an eight-hour workday. If your production time exceeds the takt time, you will have late orders. If you stay ahead of takt time, you need to work to increase demand or else you may have a product surplus. The benefits of takt time production are worth implementing it in your new business.

Take a Gemba Walk

The Gemba walk is a technique that comes out of Japanese auto manufacturing. It involves the manager walking the production line as a product goes from start to finish. By doing this routinely, the manager can see where there are inefficiencies in a process and how things might be improved. Whenever changes are made to the process, the Gemba walk can be repeated as way to evaluate those changes. This walk also gives an opportunity to connect with employees and get their suggestions about improving an individual step in the process.

There are many challenges in starting a new business and many things that can go wrong. By thoughtfully organizing the production process, you can eliminate some of the bumps along the way. With a little planning, you can start off with a smooth operation.

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