3 Ways to Retain Your Good Employees

If you are running a new business, then stop for a second to consider how you plan to retain your best employees. After all, they are the heart and soul of building your company, and you do not want them to take their skills to your competitors.

Make Them Happy

Everyone has their own things that make them happy. As their employer, you need to find out what motivates them to do their best work each day. Some will be motivated by a simple pat on the back while you may need to recognize others more publicly. Almost everyone is motivated by money, so consider implementing a profit-sharing plan. You may also want to think about giving them greater flexibility by allowing them to work from home occasionally or taking time off to take care of pressing personal business. Respect that your employees need a healthy life-work balance by not bothering them often when they are away from work. (ref)

Training and Development Opportunities

Most people love to learn new things, so ongoing training and development opportunities often increase employee happiness levels. The great news is that when you take the time to let your employees learn new skills, then they are more useful to your company. Let your key employees know to watch for conferences and seminars that they would like to attend at your expense. Then, finance their trip. Provide ongoing training and development opportunities that allow your employees to continue to improve themselves. Consider setting up mentorship opportunities for new employees, thereby giving your current crew a chance to teach their skills to someone new. (ref)

Open Communication

Employees often want to know that you are listening to them. The great news is that the best ideas often come from people who are closest to the problem, so take the time to listen to them regularly. You may want to think about creating a once-a-month meeting where you serve a meal and answer questions from all your employees. Once you become big enough to need managers, then hire and promote them on the basis of their ability to communicate. Ensure that everyone knows that your door is always open to talk about anything job-related. (ref)

Following these three simple tips allows you to create an atmosphere where your employees will be happy. The reward to you is that they will stay and not be looking for other opportunities. They will also be happier while at work going the extra mile to serve your customers.

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