4 Parts of Your Business That are Just as Important as Your Product

Many people think that their product is the star of the show. Unfortunately, they may not stop and realize that failing in other areas will take their business down quickly. Here are four business areas that you need to make sure you get correct to make your business a success.


You can have an award-winning product, but if people do not know about it, then your company is still losing money. Make sure that you are marketing where your target audience is located. Spend time forming relationships with your top customers, and they will become your best advertisers. Successful companies build their brand based on the customers they serve. As Forge Worldwide explains, “When companies offer valuable information instead of—or even in spite of—self-promotion, they earn the trust of consumers, who in turn reward them with their business and loyalty.” Use a variety of marketing channels and techniques to connect with your consumers, and your product will gain necessary traction.


Having the right people is essential to your company’s success. While you can teach skills, you need people who are reliable and prepared to go the extra mile. When you are thinking of hiring people for your company, hire for attitude first. If someone has a bad attitude at work, then it may be time for them to find a company where they will be happier before they ruin everyone’s spirit. Often times, clients and customers also appreciate a friendly face, so it could be beneficial to have employees dedicated to customer service and brand presentation, even if your business doesn’t necessarily need that. According to DaVinci Virtual Offices, a receptionist, for example, can be great for a professional image. Clients and customers will trust you when they can put a face to the products and services that you sell.


If your company has a too high debt-to-income ratio, then a great product may not be enough to save your company. Therefore, you need to take a look at your company’s accounting records frequently. Make sure that you know where each penny is entering your business and where it is leaving. Learning how to develop and work from a budget helps to make sure that you are meeting your targets. While hiring an accountant is probably your best option, there are several resources online to help you get your finances in order.


Take a look at how your product or service is getting done. Ask yourself if there are ways that your process can be done in fewer steps, but that will still result in the same quality product. If there are, then you are wasting money that may be better spent on research and development. After all, no company ever stands still. It either moves forward, or it falls behind the competition. Pay attention to how the products are made. This contains the assembly process, how the conveyor belt is running, the efficiency at which products are completed, and if everything is moving along in a timely manner.

Do not be like the company who has developed the cure for cancer, but spends all their company’s funds on a one second Super Bowl ad that no one saw because one team had already run up the score. Instead, make sure to keep a keen eye on all aspects of your business. Then, it will thrive and grow, but remember that no company is ever too big to fail.


Starting your new venture is one of the riskiest decisions that you would have ever taken. Don’t make it riskier by not planning adequately. Get yourself a Business Plan!

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