6 Deadly Sins to avoid in your startup investor presentation

Coming up with a great business idea is always a big achievement for most entrepreneurs. All big businesses and organizations started off as ideas so it is an important feat when you can come up with one you have great confidence in. Most ideas never see the light of the day because entrepreneurs lack investors to help them actualize their dreams. However, many other ideas have been swept under the carpet not because the entrepreneur was unable to get investors or because his ideas are bad, but because of a wrongly executed startup investor presentation.

A challenging thing most people face is how to effectively talk to investors. You should know that these investors are regularly pitched with lots of people like you with different ideas.Therefore, do everything you must do to stand out from this lot. Here are six things you must avoid during your presentation.

  • Inadequate Preparation

Preparation is always essential in any form of examination or presentation, it is the most important part of the whole process. Make sure you have everything you will need ready, every documentation, prepare your slideshow adequately, and equip yourself with every necessary material to build a strong case. Be organized, this will earn you a lot of respect from the investors.

  • Not Being Completely Familiar with your Idea

Every good seller must have enough knowledge about his products in order to impress the buyers. In this case, you are selling your ideas to these investors, and you must know every detail about your idea. Get every information ready, including possible negative outcomes. Make complete research, they must be able to trust you with their money!

  • Bad Appearance

Your appearance will give investors the first impression about you before they even her you say a thing. It’s simple, a good appearance will give a good impression and a not so good appearance will make them look down on you. Be as official as possible, wear something nice and smart, most importantly – wear something that makes you feel comfortable.

  • Boring Presentation

Here lies the main task, the core of the whole presentation. You might have good, properly highlighted ideas but you must also be able to present them in an interesting way. Capture the attention of your audience, make them want to listen to everything you have to say without them glancing at their watches. Do not bore them with long and irrelevant points, make the points as precise as possible. It is advisable to hire a professional speaker if you know you are not so good at speakingand this might even portray you as being organized. You should however ensure the speaker is knowledgeable on what he would be presenting.

  • Nervousness

In every presentation, it is very important to make sure you have great confidence in yourself. Once you know what you are doing and saying, you have nothing to be nervous about. If you are naturally nervous, you have to make sure you eliminate every sign of that during your startup investor presentation. Do not distract investors by fidgeting or sweating, stay composed.

  • Ignoring Your Audience

There are times speakers become completely engaged in their presentation that you forget to make eye contact. Do not be like that, carry your audience along. Your eyes should not be glued to the visual aid, in fact you should not be reading from them. Since you have the knowledge of everything you are presenting, the slideshow is just there to strengthen your points. Look at the investors from time to time, it increases their confidence in you.

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