How to Keep Your Company Drivers From Driving Distracted

When it comes to distracted driver accidents, the numbers are startling. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, nine people die each day due to distracted driving, with thousands more being seriously injured. This is especially important for business owners who rely on drivers to keep their business afloat. The following list includes some of the best strategies for keeping your employees safe while on the road.

Modest Goals

If distracted driving has become a serious issue within your company, don’t be too quick to blame the employees. Often, companies will place extreme goals for drivers to achieve within an eight-hour workday. The consequences of not achieving them can even be as severe as costing them their job. Therefore, many drivers will neglect common safe driving practices to ensure that they complete their tasks by the end of the day. The best way to ensure their and the public’s safety is to provide drivers with realistic goals to be completed in reasonable time.

Audible GPS

It’s advised that using GPS takes attention off the road. Contrary to popular belief, most company offices are not located right in front of a busy street. In fact, most office buildings tend to be located within business plazas and can be rather difficult to locate. This causes drivers to be constantly checking their GPS navigation devices to ensure that they are on the right path. As you may be able to conclude by now, this habit can be extremely dangerous, especially within plazas where pedestrians are constantly present. A great way to cut down the need to look down at a device is to enable audible GPS options. This is when your GPS not only shows you where you should be going but also speaks it out loud, thus allowing the driver to keep their eyes on the road.

Driver Monitoring

If a driver knows that they are being monitored, they are less likely to practice bad driving habits. So, how can you monitor your drivers without being there or having to video record them? There is a variety of driving monitoring software that records vehicle speed, hard braking, and other indicators of distracted driving. Consider any one of these options to ensure the safety of your employees.

Making sure that your drivers are practicing good driving habits can be difficult to enforce, but it’s not impossible. Through the techniques listed above, you can today begin to implement various ways to keep your drivers, company, and the general public safe from the risks of distracted driving. This is crucial, as distracted driving is a serious issue that can endanger not only your company and employees, but other drivers on the road.

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