How to Protect Your Startup from Outside Threats

In dire economic times it is risky and stressful to run a business. While bigger corporations have money to spend and reputations that can maintain through recessions, smaller businesses have a higher chance of closure. Thankfully, there are ways to provide your business financial security before unknown factors harm its success. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Strengthen Your Fundamentals

For starters, according to Unleashed, you should strengthen the practices you are already doing. You should communicate openly with returning customers, and continue marketing to get new ones. These are practices you should already be doing. If an economic crisis occurs, you will be more prepared for it. In fact, you could advertise even more during a downturn—garnering more support for your business.

These practices can also protect you from competing businesses who might be trying to steal some of your market share. Establishing your business before your competitors do can make a huge difference in the long run.


Not only should you physically protect your business, but you should protect your information online. Hackers and other fraudulent activity can seriously impair small businesses. According to Anicetus Solutions, over half of small businesses fail within six months of a cyberattack. Because of this you should look for ways to improve your tech security.

For example, start using a VPN to make it more difficult for people to steal your company’s information. You should also make sure that your employees are trained to respond to fraud online. This training will give you peace of mind.

Protect Your Assets

Your company assets are essential for your business to succeed. An asset can be physical things in the office, but it could also be information, intellectual property, or even your business clients. Ensure that your employees are not trying to steal your clients for their personal use. Make sure they will not sell company information to competitors. According to Sandstrum Law, these can both be done by having everyone sign a non-disclosure agreement.

While not necessarily an asset, being financially prepared with an emergency fund can also be crucial in preparing for your business’s outside threats. Having an emergency fund can provide you with a safety net just in case things go wrong.

Protecting your business in these ways will help you feel secure even when the rest of the world is not. If you prepare beforehand, you will be able to defend your business if the time comes that you need to. Continue to strengthen your skills and security and you will feel safe.

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