How Your Business Can Do Its Part to Flatten the Curve

Businesses all over the world have been encouraged to flatten the curve in an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus. This is especially important for businesses that still have onsite employees working or for areas where people are starting to go back to work. Here are some important ways to help your business do its part to flatten the curve.

Put Employee Safety First

Help your employees know you care about them and their safety by making employee safety a priority. You can do this by encouraging them to wear protective gear, wash their hands, and remain at least six feet apart from others while they’re working. You should place safety markings in key areas around your workplace. This will serve as a good visual reminder to your employees to practice safety in the workplace. Putting employee safety first will build your employees’ trust in you.

Keep Your Customers and Clients Safe

Keeping your customers and clients safe is just as important as helping your employees stay safe. Some simple ways to do this include placing safety markings in visible areas around your business so customers are able to keep a safe distance from each other. Providing hand sanitizer and/or hand washing stations is another good idea that will help customers feel safe and clean. Taking appropriate measures to ensure customer and client safety will also build trust and respect for your business, because your customers and clients see your concern for their welfare.

Ensure Your Own Safety

While maintaining safety for your employees, customers, and clients is important, it will not be effective if you do not practice safety in your personal life. You can flatten the curve by practicing strict social distancing as much as possible, as well as encouraging those around you who might be showing symptoms of COVID-19 to get tested as soon as possible. Other ways to practice safety in your personal life include washing your hands often, wearing a mask in public, and avoiding unnecessary trips to the grocery store or other highly public places.

While these few suggestions might seem small and simple, they are effective ways to flatten the curve and slow the spread of the Coronavirus. Following these suggestions will not only ensure your safety and that of your employees, customers, and clients, but it will also help your business build a reputation of trustworthiness with the community. If your business is already following these suggestions, great job! Please continue practicing safety, and encourage others to do the same.

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