Business Plan is probably your first Sales Document

Business plan often does not get the required attention from entrepreneurs because it is considered just another document mandated by investors. It is not something that should be taken lightly because it is among the first set of document that goes out from your company to investor.

While you have to sell your product to customers, you will have to sell your idea to the investor.  Business Plan is one of the major written documents (others being Investment Summary & Pitch Deck) that helps you in selling your idea. So it is essentially a sales document which like any good sales document should be:

  • Presentable & easy to read
  • Engaging – tells a story rather than boring disjoint sections
  • Gives compelling reason to invest
  • Clearly answers the key questions

Given the above logic, it should 100% be a Sales Document – Right? Well, not exactly. A business plan, apart from facing the investor is also internal facing. It is a complete blueprint of your business which forces you to execute a dry run of your business without investing any actual money. You are forced to think through all aspects of your business while preparing it. It caters to the internal stakeholders of the organization including:

  • You, the Founder – It is your document, primarily for you
  • Management Team – to get buy in on the shared vision and strategy for your business

Wish you all the best in preparing your FIRST sales document!!! In case you need a professional help (which is strongly recommended), check out our Business Plan Section.

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