Checklist for creating a killer startup pitch deck

A face to face meeting with investors / venture capitalists is something which most entrepreneurs looks forward to.  A critical part of the meeting is the “Pitch Deck” which is used during the meeting. While an investor looks at multiple things before writing the cheque, a well prepared “Pitch Deck” is an important tool to make the first impression and to communicate your value proposition in the best possible way.

Based on our experiences with start-ups, best practices suggested by VCs/experts and personal experience witnessing investor presentation, we have come up with a checklist for preparing a killer pitch deck.  It is structured into two parts – Content and Presentation.


In terms of content, make sure that your pitch deck answers the critical questions mentioned below. While some of the questions can be answered in the core slide, others can be kept a part of appendix.

  1. What is your elevator pitch or else describe your business in less than 30 words?
  2. What problem are you trying to solve? Why existing solutions are broken?
  3. What is your solution?
  4. Do you have a demo?
  5. How big is the opportunity?
  6. Why now?
  7. What is the value proposition of your solution?
  8. Do the founders have complementary skills?
  9. What companies have the founders worked before?
  10. Do the founders have relevant experience in the domain?
  11. What are the educational backgrounds of founders?
  12. What is the traction achieved till date? How fast are you growing?
  13. Who are the competitors?
  14. What are your competitive advantages?
  15. Can you create any barriers to entry?
  16. How will you make money?
  17. What is life time value of customer w.r.t customer acquisition cost?
  18. How will you grow big?
  19. What strategies will you use to acquire customers?
  20. When will you breakeven?
  21. What is the exit strategy? Any references on similar companies that exited?
  22. How much capital do you need? For what?
  23. What are the major milestones in next 3 years?


  1. Do the slides have more images and less text – info-graphic style?
  2. Are the slides visually appealing?
  3. Are the texts of font size above 20?
  4. Do you have page numbers at the bottom?
  5. Are the slides clean and clutter free – 1-5 bullets per slide, 5-10 words per bullet, big clear images?


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