Company overview is a business consulting firm for early stage startups. We began our operations a couple of years ago and have grown primarily due to excellent  customer satisfaction. We have delivered more than 500 projects for startups across industry and geography.

While there are plethora of business plan writers, we pride ourselves to be a Business Consultant rather than dumb writers. We do not see Business Plan preparation as a content writing or number crunching process but a Strategy Consulting engagement. It involves coming up with insights that were previously unknown to clients, questioning the past strategies, evaluating future strategic options and lot more.

In short we want to position ourselves as the Mc Kinsey for Early Stage Startups in terms of value creation but at startup friendly prices !!

We look forward to extend our relationship beyond business plan, pitch deck and funding as your long term strategy adviser.

Our mission

Our Mission is to:

  • Maximize our client’s chances of fund raising and business success
  • Provide highest quality professional service and deliverable
  • Maintain 100% customer satisfaction
  • Remain affordable to clients without sacrificing quality
  • Indirectly create jobs and boost the economy by helping entrepreneurs succeed

Our core values

  1. Customers First and Foremost – Our success lies in the success of our customers.
  2. Excellence – To not only maintain towards high level of excellence in all our deliverable but also work towards continuous improvement so that every project delivered is better than the previous one.
  3. Integrity – To maintain high level of integrity and transparency in all relationship.
  4. Challenge the status-quo – Not just for ourselves but also for our clients in order to come up with disruptive innovations and breakthrough strategies.
  5. Engage the best people for job – In order to deliver maximum value to each project, we engage the best people for job no matter wherever they are physical

How can we help you today?

Contact us over email, phone or submit a business inquiry online.

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