How Paid Vacation Helps Your Business

When it comes to running your business, keeping your workers happy is one of the most important things you can do. Happy workers are more productive, less rebellious, and tend to make fewer fatigue-related errors while on the job. Happy employees also tend to be more dependable and hard-working. One of the best ways to make someone happy is by giving them paid time off. Here are a few reasons why paid vacation benefits not only your employees but your business, also. While preparing your business plan, please do not forget to incorporate this aspect. 

Reputation and Recruitment

Everybody talks. With the increasing popularity of job review sites, it is just as important to keep employee satisfaction up as it is to keep customer satisfaction up. Many candidates are researching job reviews of your company before they ever apply for your job listing. These review websites give past employees a chance to list their opinion on your company’s benefits and paid time off policies. Being a company that offers ample PTO reflects prospects that you care about their personal lives and their families, increasing the likelihood that they will apply for your jobs, thus making recruitment easier on you.

Increase Employee Performance

When employees neglect self-care, this can lead to a drastic decrease in the quality of their work. Think about the last time you needed a day off to take care of something, run an important errand, go to an appointment, or take a mental break from the stress of work. You probably felt less focused while you were at work until you took care of it. By offering your employees paid vacation, you allow them to take off when they need to without the fear of missing out on a paycheck. This increases productivity and job satisfaction in the long-term. You can also use vacations as a reward and incentive for your employees. Reward top-performing employees with tickets to Disney World or another top attraction. Having a vacation as a reward will give your people something to look forward to and work hard for.  

Source: SMBYO

Fresh Ideas

If your employees are responsible for making tough decisions or coming up with creative ideas regularly, a paid vacation may be just what they need to keep their minds refreshed. Have you ever been stumped on something and then “slept on it?” Sometimes stepping away for just one day can give someone a fresh outlook on a problem. Additionally, it may be a good idea to also plan a company-wide conference/vacation trip to help train and develop employees while strengthening teamwork and collaboration. If you are funding a trip to a large city, instead of letting everyone go their separate ways, why not hold a team dinner or party? If you’re someplace exotic, you might want to take advantage of unique activities. If you’re going somewhere tropical, activities such as dolphin training can be fun, educational, and a great way to develop team camaraderie.

Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies

It’s no secret that mental well-being affects physical well-being. By granting your employees time off, you give their minds time to rest. Encouraging employees to use this time to sleep, exercise, and go to the spa or get a message will make employees happy and decrease disease, crankiness, and grogginess in your workplace.

Remember, happy employees are healthy employees. When you choose to give your employees paid vacation time, you win by creating a positive reputation and getting more productive employees. Don’t forget to take some paid vacation for yourself too!



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