How to Create an Inclusive Work Culture for Your Startup

One mistake that some startup entrepreneurs make when beginning their companies is getting a little too focused on the innovation and product-development side of business. They forget about leading a culture that employees and prospective employees love. Part of building an inclusive work culture is looking for a team that’s ethnically diverse and brings perspectives from different backgrounds. But it goes beyond that to the relations between executives on down to the entry-level workers. If you’re wondering how to create a more inclusive work culture, here are a few things to consider.

Be a Workplace That Listens to and Answers All Questions

You never know where certain workers may be coming from, so right from the beginning, you want to let all your employees know that you are ready to listen to them and answer their questions. Doing this not only lets them know that you’re going to help them ease into their roles in the company, but it also sends a message that you are an open and transparent company. Establishing that questions will be answered and concerns will be addressed lets employees know that they can always voice their concerns.

Be a Workplace of Open Communication, Including Off-Site

Part of being inclusive is establishing a culture of open communication about work tasks and any policies or company events. Since many modern workplaces now have remote workers and off-site offices, you need to establish a reliable means of communication with all deskless and off-site employees so they are treated as equally important as in-office employees. Basically, you just want to make sure that your team stays cohesive and is not compartmentalized.

Be a Workplace That Hosts Social Events and Team-Building Activities

Even more so than making your company strong in employee and management relations, you want to create opportunities for employees to bond with each other. There are many ways that you can do this, such as holding new-employee open-house events or meet-and-greets, hosting game nights from time to time, and putting game activities in the break room. You might even decide to take your employees to a place where they have to engage in team activities that help them get to know their coworkers. Team-building activities can encourage trust among your company’s employees.

Your culture of inclusivity is about two relationships: the one between your employees and you and the one between the employees themselves. The more inclusive your company is, the more sustainable it will be in the long run and the better it will be perceived on the outside. Embrace inclusivity as a chance for you as a manager to learn even more about your workers.

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