How to get your first 100 customers

If coming up with an idea for a start-up was enough to be successful then there would be millions of it, but customer acquisition plays the most crucial role deciding the success rate for a startup. The most famous start-ups not just have a great idea, but also know how to acquire customers quickly and economically.

Below are some of the tips that can make any entrepreneur with sheer determination and hard work to reaching their primary goal of getting first 100 customers;

  1. Leverage your existing network

Before making your move to attract customers, it will be best taping your known network. Not only have that, asking them made you a clear way as how to approach strangers with the feedback from the known persons.

Starting with Family, friends, and professional connections will be easy and make you comfortable. Also, make a visit/call to your previous customers even though they are from a different field or same field. Also, make sure to ask your investors to spread the word.

  1. Paid advertisement

Every electronic gadget with apps and software has PPC ads displaying to promote and get more traffic to their website. Paid advertisements are quite usually found on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social platforms where traffic is more. There are three ways to advertise CPC, CPM, and CPA. Choose wisely your mode of advertising.

Google ads and Facebook ads are costly but effective and immediate results can be seen. So it is one of the best ways to get the attraction for your first 100 customers.

  1. Free trials and offers

Spreading Beta signups or free trials throughout the media to make customers use the product is one way of attracting customers. The main motive is to spread the quality and by giving away for few months won’t matter as experts say that “one-third of the people signing in for beta version gets converted for the paid version.”

Several offers can also be given to make a regular use of that product.

  1. Online communities and forums

Make your start-up solutions answer the thousands of members with problems through forums and online communities. Quora is one such platform where entrepreneurs can get quality advice and also can give an answer to customers looking for it.

Similar to it, there are Reddit, Product Hunt forums which are popular.

  1. Cold Emails

Email is one of the common ways for sharing information followed by everyone, but cold mails should be good and attractive if it is to be read by them.

So some of the points to be kept in mind while writing cold mail are:

  • Ask yourself whether you would open it or trash it?
  • Ask yourself whether you would read this until the end or not?
  • Ask yourself whether you would reply or not?

Also, make sure the cold emails are conversational and contextual. A little humor can make your mail look good. Cold mail can be built before launching the product and if you are not confident enough you can even buy it though it is not recommended.

  1. Publicity

Organising an event or sponsoring an event can also lead your start-up as it will be covering a large area of people. Providing free T-Shirts is also another strategy for gaining publicity and cost also cheap for such a publicity. The Public will be aware only if something different and innovatively is done. So make sure that attracting public and spreading the start-up idea is the top priority.

Also, participate in the conference and big events, so you may able to get some useful contacts and also you can address the crowd explaining your idea.

  1. Learning from Competitors 

The only way to have a significant growth is to have a completion among rivals, be well aware of your competitor as how they approach, how they gather members, data, resource, and do marketing. A lot can be learned from the competitor, looking from his point of view.

  1. Blogs

Make sure to have a blog with a regular reading habit as a daily task. It is best to hire a team of SEO, content writers. The blogs are the crucial element in increasing the traffic of your site by publishing information on the wild wide web.

The blogs must be maintained and frequently upgraded, so people visiting the site will be confident to engage.

One of the most important of everything is getting feedback from those who use the products and upgrade their reviews and feedback to benefit the consumer and yourself.







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