How to Run a Successful Modern Travel Agency

Anybody can log onto the internet to book travel tickets and lodgings. Massive travel conglomerates all compete with each other to appear for this online searches consumers look up. This has forced the travel agency industry to innovate to stay relevant (and that’s in additions to smart planning). At this point, you can’t just get on by merely being the person that books flights, cars, and hotels for a client. You have to come up with creative strategies to boost your new travel agency.

Be Personable

Millennials are fueling the resurgence of travel agencies. Americans are traveling more now than ever before, which makes it a great time to become a travel agent. These tech-savvy clients know how to use the internet exceptionally well, so they are turning to travel agencies for that one-on-one treatment. They want somebody to talk to reassure them of their travel plans. You need to be approachable, available, and fun to talk to in order to retain business. It’s also imperative that you go about doing this with social media like Twitter and Instagram. If you are looking to hire more agents for your business, make sure you hire the right people. They must be open-minded and willing to help customers get to where they need to go. Perhaps having potential employees complete a pre-employment assessment can help you hire the right people. 

Be on the Move

The great thing about being a modern travel agent is that you don’t need an office. You can meet your clients at their favorite places like a coffee shop or bar. This makes you more available and personable to your tech-savvy demographic. Maintain professionality of course, and avoid meeting in places like concerts or parties. Go for coffee, lunch, or breakfast if they need to meet outside of their home.

Be the Time Saver

We know that the internet is vast. Researching any particular destination around the world will yield multitudes of blogs and articles. It’s the ability to sift through all of this noise to capture the actionable information that makes you valuable. And it’s your ability to perform this task quickly that will save your clients time. Because of this, it’s important to take your time in building industry connections and presenting yourself as the expert in this situation. You should know which are the best places to go in your area of travel, whether that is hotels or airline companies.

Be Responsive

Modern consumers have grown accustomed to getting what they want fast — if not immediately. This current culture doesn’t like to wait around for service. If you do make them wait, then they are likely to move on to one of your competitors. In fact, according to this source, “one in three consumers will refuse to patronize a local business if they have been unresponsive for 24 hours and one in five consumers expects a response within five minutes.” Based on this information, it’s essential that you are available to customers and as responsive to their messages as possible. With people caught up by convenience, you have to make communicating with your business as easy as possible. Ensure that you don’t miss a message by using an online messaging center. Taking this step will ensure that you’re able to compete with other agencies and stay relevant to potential customers.

Be the Alternative Route Maker

Perhaps a new client wants to go from point A to point B. They are thinking about a flight directly between those two places. It’s your job to advise on whether that would be the best choice. Maybe they shared a desire to see a certain type of museum or eat a certain kind of food that you know is available between two points of travel. It’s your job to let them know this and create an efficient and satisfactory travel plan.  Always be able to present an alternative route that could have your client seeing more of the world during their expensive trip.

Employing some of these creative strategies to boost your modern travel agency can see you succeed in the era of convenience. You can still be the person that clients turn to when they need to plan the trip of a lifetime thanks to your expertise and experience. And it’s always fun to fight back against the big online booking companies of the world.


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