Is Your Website Attracting the Right Audience?

You can spend hours trying to create the perfect website, but if the right customers are not drawn to it, your business can still fail. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have the right elements in place to attract your target customers.


An often overlooked element of creating the perfect website is navigation. Too many websites use descriptive words to tell viewers what is behind each tab. Do not rely on images to do the work as Google’s bots cannot read images. Therefore, you will not be helping your search engine optimization. Try to make the top pages easily accessible by requiring only three clicks to get to them at the most. Interlink your site so that readers can easily move from one page to another when they are seeking additional information. Offer a search bar on every page, and make sure that it points to at least one choice regardless of what the viewer is looking to find.


You want a secure point of sale to ensure that your customers aren’t concerned about doing business with you. This process is actually quite simple. Start by choosing a reliable host who has multiple levels of security in place. Use reliable security plugins built specifically for your platform. Be sure to set up a strong password when setting up your site administration. Purchase a Single Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate, and make sure you have it in place. Use HTTPS on your site by getting your SSL certificate in place allowing your customers to see a padlock in the address bar when they go to your website making them feel more secure.

Value-Driven Content

Using value-driven content shows customers how your product helps to solve their problem. Value-driven content increases your return on investment, increases sales, and builds brand loyalty. Back each claim that you make up with the scientific data to prove it. These statements should show users exactly why your company is uniquely positioned to meet their needs the best. Show the viewer what is in store for them when they agree to give you their money or information. Ensure that you are creating content for your top customers as they will be your most loyal ones and your strongest supporters.

While there are many different search engine optimization factors that you need to focus on, getting these three right should be at the top of your list. Then, your sales are sure to rise, and you will find yourself creeping to the top of search engine rankings, bringing an ever-increasing number of potential customers to your site.

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