The 4 P’s of Startup Success Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know

There is an old story where an individual was impressed with a concert violinist and told him, “Sir, I would give my life to play as well as you do.” The violinist looked at him and simply said, “I did give my life to play this well.” It is much the same way with an entrepreneur engineering a successful start-up. Indeed, it can be said that there are at least 4 P’s that are needed for an entrepreneur to be successful. Consider these examples.


There is no getting around this simple statement: building a company will take time. In order to be a successful entrepreneur, you are going to have to be comfortable with the day-to-day grind. You are going to have to be sure not to get discouraged even if the long-term goals you have for your new company are years and years away. You will get there; it just won’t be an overnight process.


According to entrepreneur Daymond John, obstacles to startup success are an unavoidable part of the process, so you have to be the type that doesn’t give up without a fight. The very nature of being an entrepreneur means that there will be times where you be on the summit of a mountain, but there will also be occasions when you are down in the valley. You have to keep putting one foot in front of the other to eventually meet all of your business goals.


Babe Ruth is well-known for his 714 career home runs, which for a long time many thought it couldn’t be beaten until Hank Aaron eclipsed it about 50 years later. However, are you aware that Babe Ruth also struck out 1,330 times as well? The same principle applies to being an entrepreneur. There will be times where you will fail, fail, and fail some more. However, your successes will that much sweeter, simply because of your continued tenacity.


According to Kabbage, The best way to sum up passion is that it is the one thing that separates entrepreneurs from non-entrepreneurs. Simply put, it takes a lot of hard work to be an entrepreneur, but as the owner of a new business, you alone understand that it is this passion that compels you to stay up to all hours of the night or to get up to catch a red-eye flight for an important meeting.

As you can see, there is no shortcut to success. Making sure your startup is successful takes all of these attributes and more. How bad do you want it? As long as have the drive, you can meet your goals.

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