Tips and Tricks for Reluctant Entrepreneurs

Try Something New

What are some tips and tricks for a reluctant entrepreneur? For starters, the first step is the hardest when becoming an entrepreneur. This is because you are not taught in school to be your own boss. Students are taught to develop skills, get into college, and apply for a job thereafter. The first piece of advice would be to break that pattern. Yes, our everyday lives can seem the same as most of them are. Although, instead of sitting around thinking what business idea to start, ideas will come to you by breaking pattern. I would recommend traveling to another country or state because this can open your mind to new business ideas. Another tip would be to take action. This is because as you take action on any of your ideas, this will cause you to realize a couple things. It will tell you if it the right business for you and will show you what you like and dislike.

Change Your Mindset

When becoming an entrepreneur don’t believe all of the videos you see about not ever working, and laying on the beach with a pile of money. While retiring early is possible, it is the end result of a lot of hard work put forward at the beginning of the journey. Success doesn’t happen overnight. As we talk on entrepreneurship and age, don’t be threatened by your age whether you’re fifteen or forty you have a lot of time to develop new passions. For example, many entrepreneurs have started as early as elementary school, such as Jo Malone, who started making perfumes at the age of 9. Though it is more common for people to start in high school and college, as Toby Scammell did with a variety of small online businesses like a Costco-delivery service before he went on to bigger and better projects. Starting early is definitely great practice for later, and if you have an idea you should definitely run with it as best as you can, though that’s not to say that other people don’t start older, such as the famous Vera Wang, who started designing her wedding dresses in her 40’s.

Get Your Feet Wet with a Franchise

If the idea of starting from scratch is daunting, you can experience an easier transition to business ownership by taking on franchise ownership. When you buy into a franchise, usually most of the hard work has already been done for you — product development, choosing and building a location, marketing, and sometimes even hiring. All you need to do is keep it afloat. When looking to buy a franchise, you have a lot to choose from, so compare your options and do what works best for you. Franchise Gator advises looking through the Franchise Disclosure Document in order to make an informed decision.

Think Long Term

Another trick is to take out a calculator and calculate how much money you need to make per week to be happy. From this, you can narrow down how large of a business you are thinking of building. This will also help when you’re thinking about if an idea will be able to scale.

Be Careful Who You Listen To

The most important skill out of them all is to not listen to what other people say is impossible for you. Remember you are now an entrepreneur; you have a lot on the line, so when listening to others’ advice, make sure you’re able to filter out what’s good and what’s not. When you become an entrepreneur, people can sometimes get jealous and try to bring you down, or they may see it as an opportunity to springboard their own career. Also,take notice who the person is that is giving you advice, because if they are someone that has never been an entrepreneur, it’d be pretty difficult for them to give you reliable or helpful advice. If you feel you need advice, Daymond John’s Success Formula suggests that seek out mentors who are in management, are from an executive team or are seasoned co-workers who can teach you a thing or two, or answer your questions.

In conclusion, breaking pattern, taking action, and not letting others talk you out if it are some tips and tricks I’ve learned throughout my journey. So I hope they help you with yours!

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