Ways To Use Technology To Drive Strong Business Growth

Growing a business from scratch can be an arduous task to execute. While entrepreneurs may utilize various techniques and strategies, they surely have to invest their time and effort. However, the continued evolution of technology is making these tedious processes more convenient and easier. The integration of tech trends and its innovation have created an avenue for entrepreneurs to run and grow their ventures. Digital enterprises can attest to this as most of them have tried technology for an efficient approach to business growth. Below are five ways entrepreneurs that can use technology to grow their businesses.

Harness the Power of Social Media

Social media has become a powerful and efficient marketing tool in the recent years. Social media has paved the way for the internet and small business sectors to gain possibilities and opportunities, expand social marketing techniques and strategies, and expand the addressable market. In fact, companies can now use SEO analytics to identify social media platforms that are driving more targeted traffic. In addition to creating a more targeted ad experience, having a social media presence for your business can increase your customer service reach and transparency with your customers. Creating a social media following is a great way to increase repeat customers.


Teleconferencing is one of the strategies that every business is utilizing. In fact, the recent products of technology and its innovation have made teleconferencing technology even more efficient than ever. You can use technology to engage with clients and employees around the globe without incurring travel expenses. You can also use teleconferencing technology to hold emergency meetings and relay concerns and issues to every member of your team at no cost. Moreover, remote workers can retrieve files and documents from any location and work on urgent orders in the comfort of their home.

Utilize the Potential of the Cloud

The demand for the cloud technology has risen in the recent past, and tech companies are harnessing its potential to create business tools to help increase their efficiency and productivity. The cloud technology provides more storage and space solutions for businesses that run on the internet and handle an enormous pile of files and documents. It is advisable for companies of all size to utilize the power of the cloud and take advantage of platforms that offer free but limited storage and space solutions. While space and storage solutions of a free membership account are limited, entrepreneurs can still store their soft copies such as documents and data files in the cloud.

Protect Your Business and Your Clients

If your business deals with important data, you’re going to want to make sure it’s as protected as possible. Make sure you have IT people ready to help and manage your data, and to have means to safely discard the date when you don’t need it anymore. If your data destruction has physical components make sure it is shredded and handled.

Tasks Automation Software

Entrepreneurs should look for ways to speed up and increase the efficiency of all their processes. In fact, some operations could be eating up a chunk of your time and decrease the overall productivity of your business. Technology could be the answer to all problems that are making your business experience retarded growth. For examples, ventures that involve subscription through emails can deploy software that allows them to send the same format of email every time someone new subscribes to their services. You could be wasting a lot of time and decreasing the productivity and profits of your business if you keep generating or composing new emails every time you get a new subscriber.

Deployment of Web-Based Project Management Systems

The continued pursuit of business growth has created an increased demand for web-based project management systems. If you aren’t aware of the available project management software, check the internet to see the one that suits your business needs. These systems help eliminate human error since all transactions are done using web-based project management systems. With project management software, aspects such as workload scheduling, to-do-list features, and calendar features are managed seamlessly. All elements of this software integrate seamlessly for more convenience and efficiency of a business.

Mobile App

It would not be an overstatement to say that mobile apps are taking over the world. Mobile apps on tablets and smartphones provide more than Google map and option to download music. Customers are using cell phones to transact all the time, and creating a user-friendly app can help a business stay ahead of the curve. Customers are likely to download apps that link them to sales and coupons and provide real-time information.


With the development of crowdfunding technology, funding a venture or project by raising small amounts of money over the internet has become a reality. It allows investors with fewer restrictions to pool their funds together over the internet. Over time, crowdfunding technology will evolve to become an accepted way of raising capital for ventures once regulations are issued.

Enterprises that will demonstrate and convince potential investors that their brands are a game changer will reap a lot from these trends. While there are many ways entrepreneurs can use to grow and increase the efficiency and productivity of their ventures, the above technologies are a sure bet in boosting business growth.

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