Website Woes: What Your Company Should Pay Attention To

As a budding business, your website is a vital tool to increase leads and build brand awareness. Essentially, websites help you with “creating brand message unity across all platforms and spreading it directly to your customers” (Active Resource Group). A high-performing, intuitive, sleek website will help capture more leads and convert more repeat visitors more often. As you start building your site, here are several components that your site needs to survive.

Have a Plan

First, plan the success of your website. Decide the reasons why you want to run a site and what your goals are in the future. Some people want to attract readers to their blogs, while others want to sell products in an e-commerce store. Then, decide how many visitors you want to attract or how many you want to convert.

Headlines and Calls to Action


Pay attention to the action words that you use. Write sharp, eye-catching headlines that people notice and click on immediately. You may even call upon some of the keywords and phrasing you use in your elevator pitch to investors. Throughout the on-page content, and especially at the end, include numerous calls to action. Provide links to pages where visitors can buy specific products, learn more information, or subscribe to your services. Calls to action are crucial for converting a click to a lead, so make sure you spend some time on this part.

Fresh Content

All news websites compete for the same readership. They all use catchy headlines, images, or videos to attract readers. Even so, the sites that gain the most attention have the latest content.


Update your blog with the latest content every week or month. If you can’t write the news yourself, consider adding a newsfeed that people can view in real time. Overall, make sure that your web content is not old or outdated.


Every website that has text content is expected to have images and videos, as well. People are more likely to look at visuals than read text, so they’ll always find multimedia to be interesting. There are wide selections of media available from animations to graphic designs.


Visual content is important for improving the performance of service pages as well as blog posts. Video, infographics, and stunning images will improve time on the page and boost conversions and click-through rate.

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