You need Business Plan Consulting not writing

First of all it’s important to understand that there is a difference between business plan consulting and writing. Many have the common belief that it is the same thing. Those who are business plan consultants, not only write the business plan for you, unlike the business writer, but they use their skill, knowledge and expertise to advice you how to execute the business successfully. A good business plan consultant or business plan consulting firm can help you in multiple ways:

  1. Help you get results in Short Time Frame – There are some A-class expert agencies with skilled minds who can help you plan out your business successfully. They help an entrepreneur to achieve his/her target within a comparatively short span of time and limited investments.
  2. Bridge the Gaps in Business Strategy – In business plan consulting, the consultant will help to refine and mould your ideas into reality through a viable business and will bridge the gap in strategies or plan which may have been the loop hole to success.
  3. Offer in depth research, analysis and challenge the assumptions that you have made, they help you to make more refined business models with new and innovative business tactics. They plan out the business scalability, analyse the targets in the market and put in their full efforts to help you grow your roots deeper and stronger in your business amongst your other competitors.
  4. Give feedback on the financial viability and strategy which is often an area of weakness for the start-up founders specially if they are engineers. They discuss and refine the financial model to help you understand how long your funds will last, when you can achieve profitability and whether your financial projection assumptions are as per industry benchmark.

That being said, business plan writing is still required but it alone is not sufficient. A writer will simply document your ideas using flowery language and business jargons. Such services are useful when you already have a rough draft of business plan ready and just need somebody to make it easier and more interesting to read.

Be sure that how you choose your business consultant. In business plan consulting, there are various expert agencies that will be promising to provide you the best assistance. Look for those agencies who do not engage sales-persons into the planning and later on junior plan writers are appointed. Look for fully customised firms which provide business consultants, who can help you, develop the right kind of winning strategy at the first attempt, save your valuable time, money and make you noticeable in the eyes of the investors.

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